Aletra Capital Partners B.V. Aletra Capital Partners B.V.

Investor profile

About us

Aletra Capital Partners B.V. is a hands-on investment company focused on corporate divestures of non-core business units, family owned businesses with succession issues and/or stand-alone companies requiring turnaround management or growth acceleration. In Singapore we focus on young ventures looking for a bridge financing or (pre) Serie financing.

Our role

We work closely with the management team to enhance growth and value. Additionally, we can support management with other activities, e.g. a restructuring or a growth program.

Investment characteristics

  • We fund the equity stakes of our investments with our own funds
  • We do not invest other people’s money
  • We are not bound by covenants of external institutions or investors
  • We have the flexibility to invest in opportunities that we believe in and where we can add true value
  • We invest long term only; we do not “buy and flip” companies to ensure a quick return for the investors that is often to the detriment of the company

Transaction size

  • Equity stake between €1M and €5M
  • If the required investment is larger we can join forces with other private equity companies

Investment focus

We invest in companies that:

  • Are active in medical technology or in IT / software:
    • Medical devices
    • Assays, biomarkers and reagents
    • Medical (embedded) IT
    • General IT / software
  • Have international potential through exports, alliances, international presence, joint ventures, etc.
  • Have an understandable and scalable business model
  • Are headquartered in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany
  • Are open to a new majority shareholder