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PlusMargin helps e-commerce retailers increase their conversions by predicting purchase intent and showing personalised, dynamically priced offers.

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Lemnis Technologies builds the core technology that will drive next-generation headsets and make VR viable as the next computing platform.

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AccelerAsia Ventures

AccelerAsia Ventures is a hands-on investment company which invests in early/expansion stage technology ventures from Europe, USA and Israel that are aiming to focus on the APAC region for the next stage of their development.

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Cocoon Capital

Cocoon Capital Pte Ltd is a S$10 million seed-stage venture firm focusing on early-stage, digital companies across Southeast Asia and India. It seeks to invests in B2B ecommerce, fintech, and SaaS.

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In a world where our everyday lives have become completely digital, ENC provides data-conscious users intuitive solutions to manage their ever-growing volume of digital content.

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Winnow Solutions

Winnow Solutions delivers an integrated system to prevent global food waste. The product consists of a measuring scale connected to a tablet contains proprietary software which measures, records, benchmarks and reports the food waste in kilograms and in dollars.

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Structo 3D

Structo is a Singapore-based dental 3D printing solutions provider. They design, develop and build 3D printers tailored for dental applications using our unique proprietary MSLA technology.

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Hapz (Plain Vanilla Group Pte Ltd) was founded in 2015 and has built a platform to enable event & attraction promoters to sell tickets with dynamic pricing & multi-channel strategies to maximize profits.

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RR Mechatronics

RR Mechatronics, established in the Netherlands in 1986, focuses on medical analytics laboratory instruments and is the world leader in automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) instruments. Tens of millions of ESR tests are performed every year with…

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Mooi Parfumerie

Mooi Parfumerie ( arose from the need for a franchise concept in the luxury perfumery segment. Mooi Parfumerie thinks that local entrepreneurship stimulates and ensures a high level of customer service.

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