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Ackcio builds solutions to monitor, analyze and report potential safety and environmental risks on large construction sites (e.g. tunnels and dams) as well as mining sites that automates the process of monitoring geotechnical and structural sensors in challenging environments like construction sites and mines. The solution is built upon three main components:

  • Ackciodevices: sensors who operate wirelessly and in very harsh conditions. Ackcionodes connect with existing geotechnical and structural sensors and transmit their data to the Ackcio gateway. The gateway then uploads all the data to our cloud servers or third-party servers.
  • Ackciomesh: a patent-pending wireless mesh protocol that allows Ackcionodes to send their sensor data to the Gateway with over 99% reliability in harsh environments like construction sites and mines.

Ackcio software: a range of software solutions which can aggregate, analyze and report the data from the sensors.