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Mooi Parfumerie

Mooi Parfumerie: specialized perfumery stores.

Mooi Parfumerie ( arose from the need for a franchise concept in the luxury perfumery segment. Mooi Parfumerie thinks that local entrepreneurship stimulates and ensures a high level of customer service. Mooi Parfumerie specializes in skin care, makeup and perfumes of leading brands as Rituals, Chanel, Clinique, Dior, Estee Lauder, Clarins and Lancôme.

Mooi Parfumerie started in 2007, putting an innovative concept in the Dutch perfumery market. The mission of Mooi Parfumerie is to help everyone become even more beautiful. Mooi Parfumerie puts the customer needs at the centre of its activities and gives expert advice on the right care, makeup and fragrances. This is done in one-on-one advice from expert beauty specialists, but also through the Mooi Parfumerie Beauty Schools, in which the customer can apply the advice herself. In this way Mooi Parfumerie makes luxury accessible to everyone.

Mooi Parfumerie is active in the Netherlands and currently has about 50 shops.