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RR Mechatronics

RR Mechatronics, established in the Netherlands in 1986, focuses on medical analytics laboratory instruments and is the world leader in automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) instruments. Tens of millions of ESR tests are performed every year with RR Mechatronics instruments. These instruments are the only ones that fully comply with the golden standard Westergren method, strongly recommended by the international professional haematology committees ICSH and ISLH.

In addition to ESR solutions, RR Mechatronics has developed a state-of-the-art reagent mixing unit and a unique and highly specialized Red Blood Cell (RBC) analysis platform. This platform evaluates the rheology of blood. It measures, amongst others, RBC deformability and aggregation and is used in the diagnosis and treatment of malaria, sickle cell disease and RBC membrane disorders.

In addition to the haematology instruments, RR Mechatronics develops very specific environment related high technology instruments. It also offers diluents, cleaning agents, controls, and specific reagents.

RR Mechatronics is active in approximately 40 countries and serves IVD laboratory customers and OEM-partners all over the world.